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Compact NFO Viewer - Help
NFO viewer description
The most popular NFO viewer



How to install it?

The program does not require to be installed or un-installed. Just download the program and run it.

How many files it installs in my computer?

Compact NFO Viewer doesn't need any DLL's, ActiveX, DirectX, Java, Windows services packs or IE updates. So it installs zero files in your computer.



Does it writes in my registry?

No. Compact NFO Viewer does not need to alter your registry except when you associate it with NFO files. However this is a safe operation, and it can be un-done at any time for inside Compact NFO Viewer or from Microsoft Windows file association dialog.



Is it true that Compact NFO Viewer is freeware?

Yes. Compact NFO Viewer is 100% freeware. We can help us to keep it this way by donating few dollars.



I want Compact NFO Viewer to start when I double click a NFO file. Is it possible?

Yes. Use the 'Options -> Associate with NFO files' menu.

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