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Compact NFO Viewer

Welcome to underworld


Short description

Compact NFO Viewer - popular viewer for text files containing ASCII Art and description files (NFO/DIZ/TXT).



Compact NFO Viewer is the most popular utility designed for viewing text files containing ASCII Art (e.g. nfo files), and it proved itself to be handy.
So, if you're fed up with starting some DOS-like file manager each time you need to view nfo file, or ain't too happy with the viewer you use, or (worst case) use Notepad - give this little tool a try.



About NFO files

Are used to store ASCII art. Are used especially by undergorund artists, hackers and other Interet 'ghosts' but the NFO files are also used by regular companies to distribue a description together with an application. Recently Microsoft also uses this format to store system specific information. This is a totally different format and you need a special viewer.





Name   Compact NFO Viewer
Version   1.5.6
Release date
  May 2010
  doesn't need
  0.4 MB

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How to install it?


Compact NFO Viewer is delivered in a package to together with several other graphics programs. Once unpacked, it does not require being installed. Just double click the program to run it.



  • Our software doesn't install any (DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, .Net, Java, Windows services packs, IE updates, etc) crapware in your computer!
  • Our software is monolithic and portable - which means that you can copy it on a flash stick and run it on any computer without installing it.



features Features:

nfo Instanlty load and display NFO files
nfo Compact, light, simple and flexible

nfo URL detection: The viewer automatically extracts hyperlinks addresses and shows them as clickable items
nfo Customizable appearance. You can set text/background colors and text font.
nfo Shell integration: the viewer can be set as the default application to open files with .nfo and .diz extensions.
nfo Unlimited file size. While other similar programs are limited at 512K, Dark NFO Viewer can open files on any size.
features Embedded help system (help as tooltips)

features Other features:

features compact. It is delivered as one single EXE file.
features it doesn't need to be installed/uninstalled (just download the "exe" file and double click it)
features it doesn't mess your registry or system with unneeded DLLs or other craps like this
features it is really small
features it is FREE!


nfo System requirements:

486 CPU, 32MB RAM memory, less than 1MB free space on your hard drive, Windows 95 or higher (it support Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista)







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