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Web Traffic Generator
...and your server is flooded

features Program description


Web Traffic Generator software can simulate REALISTIC traffic on your web site/server. All elements (JS scripts, traffic counters, images) are correctly executed. The traffic counters will see the visits as real since the web page is loaded in a real browser, exactly as a normal user will do.




features How does it work


For each fake visitor sent to a web site, the program creates a virtual environment with random hardware, IP, OS and browser. Then it loads the specified web page/site in the browser at the intervals specified by you simulating this way a real visit on that page. All scripts, images, counters, etc, contained in web page will be also refreshed. Using proxy technology Web Traffic Generator can simulate traffic from all over the world.




features Features


nfo Simulate realistic web traffic on your web site, from all over the world (from different IPs) using proxies.
features The amount traffic (visitors per second) can be precisely controlled.
features Full support for cookies, Java, Java Script, Flash, visitor counters.
features It silently starts at Windows start up and does the work in background without disturbing the user.
features User defined settings and statistics are saved to disk and reloaded automatically next time the program starts.
features Can send visitors to multiple web sites, at the same time.

features The user can specify different traffic settings for each web site.
features The user can temporarily suspend (PAUSE) the activity (one site or all) and resume it later.
features Portable. No installation required. Just download it and run it.

features Awesome skinable interface.

features Highly customizable. Easy to use. Embedded help system (help as tool tips).

features Commercial program: our software is not ad supported 'freeware', which actually means freeware stuffed with crappy ads, malware & unwanted installers.

features Try before buy: you have a fair chance to try it before you purchase a license. The license is for life.




features The only tool that can generate realistic web traffic


Each fake visitor you send to a web site will act exactly as a human visitor, so the traffic generated looks VERY natural:


Visiting random web pages (as humans do)

Each fake visitor will visit a web page, stay there a couple of seconds/minutes then it will visit a new page. For example it can visit these pages: Home->Download->Purchase. The traffic generated this way looks VERY natural.

Traffic from A to Z (Argentina to Zimbabwe)

Using proxies, each fake visit can 'come' from a different country. You can get fresh proxies from web with a single click.

Using random browsers (as humans do)

The user can configure the browsers used by each fake visitor. Multiple browsers are supported: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

Even mobile browser are supported (Android, iOS, etc)!

Using random operating system (as humans do)

Each fake visitor will use a different operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, etc.




features See what the fake visitor is 'seeing' in its virtual browser


Each fake visitor will have its own virtual computer, with random hardware, IP, OS and browser. Every time the program creates a fake visitor with creates a virtual browser for it. You can see in the browser what the fake visitor is seeing. You can literary see the web traffic counters incrementing, in real time.


web site editor



features Proposed features


Send visitors to a web page and click an item (button, image, flash animation, movie player, up thumb, link, etc)





web traffic generatorTest the program now (on real counters)

web traffic generatorFAQ

web traffic generatorTroubleshooting

web traffic generatorGet more skins





Generate web traffic



Free download


Version   2.1.0
Size   ~4.5 MB

Refresh web pages

free web traffic generator download



  • Our software doesn't install any crapware (DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, .Net, Java, Windows services packs, IE updates, etc) in your computer!
  • Our software is monolithic and portable - which means that you can copy it on a flash stick and run it on any computer without installing it.



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nfo System requirements

  • Win 7 or higher
  • PC with 1GB RAM
  • Internet Explorer 7 (or higher)


nfo Installation


This program is delivered in a package ('CubicDesign Tools') together with several other similar tools, but it can also be downloaded directly here.

  • Click the blue button to download the package
  • Double click the package to install it
  • Search for 'Web Traffic Generator'
  • Run the program.

Traffic generator theory

features What is it good for?


With Web Traffic Simulator you can has many purposes:

  • Increasing the counter of a web page in order to keep your web site/product in top of the others (for example in a Softpedia list)
  • Increasing the votes (cheating on a "Top 10" popularity contest)
  • Keeping you connected (preventing a web site like Yahoo Mail from logging you off after a period of inactivity)
  • Testing your web host server capacity under heavy load (this was the original purpose of the program)
  • Testing the online time of your web host provider. The program will log every time the server fails to respond
  • Reloading a page millions of times
  • Downloading an URL (ZIP, EXE...) millions of times
  • Use your imagination and you will find countless other possibilities…

Please note that we have a suite of related Internet 'stress & test' tools. Please see the right side column or click 'Home'.




features Warnings/Disclaimer


1. Advertisement (ads/banners) will also be refreshed when you refresh a page. While this may be OK while the advertisement is not paid (a web site advertises its own programs without using a 3rd party paid advertisement network) it is definitively not OK to refresh web pages that contains paid advertisement (ads/banners such as Google AdSense or Yahoo Ads). Remove the ads/banners from your web pages before generating fake traffic on them or generate traffic on web pages that don't contain paid banners/ads. DO NOT send us email related to how to increase the traffic on a web site that has paid commercial banners. We won't answer.

2. If you are generating lots of traffic on a 3rd party web site (for example your web host service provider) in order to test server's capacity under stress, you need to consult with the owner of the web site first. At least, don't do it for an extended period of time. If you are storming a shared web server other users may be disturbed by your action.

3. If you are using the program to monitor online time of a web site, the program may falsely signal downtimes if you are using bad/slow proxies. Also we have a dedicated tool to check if your web host/ISP is down.


web site generator - proxy list


This program is not distributed anymore due to concerns that it might be used for illegal purposes.

The program can still be obtained at request only by companies/organizations/universities that are activating in fields related to IT security. Proof needs to be sent!

Individuals cannot use this program anymore.



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