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File generator module

File Generator is an advanced tool that can write a specified number of files to disk. You can specify the disk size of the file, content of each file and the file name pattern. Our File Generator program is currently used by used by many professional organizations, IT publications, hardware review web sites, hardware and software engineers, etc in performance testes.


File Generator-This program will generate a specified number of files. You can specify the size of the file, content of each file and the file name pattern.



Number of files

  • Number of files - Number of files generated by the program. All files will have the same size.
  • File size - Specify here size of a every file generated.


File name

  • Random name - The program will automatically assign random names to all generated files.
  • Pattern - The program will use the pattern name provided by you


File content

  • Fill the files with random characters - The content of the generated files will be filled with random data
  • Fill the files with this content - The text in the box bellow will be used to fill the generated files. The text will be added over and over until the file reaches the specified size.
  • Make file unique - This will add an extra 1024 bytes of random data to the end of the file to make sure that the file has unique content. This way the program will never generate two files with identical content. This option is active only when the "Fill the files with this content" is checked.


Buffer size and write performance for 'File generator'


buffer= 01024 KB -> 1GB file in 23.2 sec
buffer= 02000 KB -> 1GB file in 17.7 sec
buffer= 04096 KB -> 1GB file in 15.0 sec
buffer= 10240 KB -> 1GB file in 15.7 sec ( <-- this may be better if you have a new generation hard drive with large cache)
buffer= 20480 KB -> 1GB file in 16.7 sec





Q: How to create files numbered from 1 to 100000?


A: By default the program will add incrementing numbers at the end of your file name. For example, if the "File name" box you enter a something like "MyWebPage.html", the program will generate the following files:


If you want to have ONLY numbers in your file name, then leave the first box empty and enter only the extension (".html") in the second box. In this case the files will be named like this:



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