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Short description

Isn’t annoying when FirstClass (Embanet) program automatically log you off when you are not around your computer?
This program will keep the FirstClass program connected for an indefinite period.



How to use it

Download the program, start it, minimize it and forget it. It will catch any attempt of FirstClass to logoff and it will convince it to stay on.
All you need to do is to keep it on while the Embanet program is running. It should work on any Windows system from Win95 to Vista, if not, drop me a line.



System requirements

The program takes about 0.8MB of RAM when minimized in systray and 0% CPU. Therefore, it is a very light weight application.



How it works

The program will periodically check to see if FirstClass client tries to disconnect (for inactivity reasons) and will keep it connected. Now you do not have to re-login and re-navigate to the last used folder. It works with FirstClass 8 and FirstClass 9.




The program has only 0.2MB. Download it from here. No installation process is necessary. Just download and run it.


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