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How to get support?









In order to get an answer please send as much info as possible about your software setup and your problem. Don't be shy to send screenshots. Don't use moron's language, for example 'my program does not work'. This tells nothing about your problem. The contact address is


You MUST provide info related to:

Your order

  • Date of purchase
  • Order number

Your system

  • Operating system
  • Program version

Error description (where is the case)

  • Exact error message OR complete description of what is not working

Program setup

  • Site setup (Main URL, Inner URLs, Refresh interval, Random interval, 'Browser setup' settings, etc)
  • Connection setup (are you using direct connection, gateway, proxy list, etc
  • Proxy list

Support requests will be rejected if they don't contain the above information or if the proxy list contains more than 10% bad proxies.

We cannot help you unless we know all details of the problem. If you don't get an answer please review your support request email, complete the missing information and resend the email.


Trouble shooting info

  • Have you read the FAQ and Troubleshooting page entirely?
  • Does it works with our counters?
  • If you have a problem related to 404/Internet connection, have you tried the 'Check Internet Status' button in our program?
  • What the Log says? There are any messages there?
  • If you are using proxies, did you test them? How?























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