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One million clicks - Web page refresh
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How to use it
  How to use the program
  Real life example

  What this warning means: "There are errors on page or the refresh time is too small"?

  Is it possible to refresh two web pages at the same time?

  How to choose the best web page refresh interval?

  How to use the proxy list editor?

  How can I generate unique clicks (from unique IPs)?


How it works

  How it works?

  Can it refresh pages containing Google or other banners/?



  Feedback and support







How to use the program

Download, unpack and start the program. Insert the http link of the web page which you want to reload. Press 'Start timer' and the program will continue to reload this web page, over and over until you stop it. The red bar (on the right side) and the tray icon will start to flash indication that the program is running.



Real life example

Do you want to see the program in action? Then enter this address:
Look at the initial counter, let the program to refresh the page several times then look at the counter again.



What this warning means: "There are errors on page or the refresh time is too small"?


It can mean that:



Problem: The web page you are trying to refresh is broken. The problem is the person who created that web page (probably s/he is not a good HTML designed).

Solution: Ask that person to check the web page code.



Problem: That refresh interval you entered is too small and the program cannot refresh that page that fast. This may happen because your internet connection is too slow, the server that is hosting that page is too slow or the page is big and takes a while until it gets fully reloaded.

Solution: In most cases you will solve this by increasing the refresh time with 1-10 seconds until you don't get the warning anymore. To truly fix the problem, based on the reason of why this problem appears, you can try to: get a faster Internet connection, upload that web page (if you have access to it) on a faster web server or trim that web page a bit to make is smaller.



How to choose the best web page refresh interval?


Obviously you will want to refresh a web page a many times per minute - even one time per second if possible. Unfortunately, this may not be possible because the web server that is hosting that web page/web site may not be able to deliver the requested web pages at that speed. Usually the Refresh Time should be around 4 seconds (if no proxies are used).


Refresh time = Server latency (0.01-10 seconds) + your Internet connection latency (0.001-0.3s) + Proxy latency (if any)


Server latency is the delay after which the web server will serve you the requested web page. It may be between 0.01 for fast servers like, to 10 seconds for cheap web hosting servers (collocated).


Your Internet connection latency should be less than few milliseconds but sometime (if you have an extremely poor ISP like AOL) it can go way up to 32ms or more. Use the PING and TRACERT command to test your Internet connection.


Proxy latency. If you are using a proxy list then you need to use fast/reliable proxies if you want to reload a web page really fast. A decent proxy server will add 0.1-0.5 seconds but there are also really slow proxy server which may add up to 30 seconds to your Refresh Time.


We recommend you to enter 3 seconds as Refresh Time. For the moment disable the proxies. If any "the refresh time is too small" warnings appear, then increase the time with one second until they disappear. Now that you have found out a "natural" refresh time for your web page, you can activate the proxies (if you want to use any proxies) and see if any warnings appear. If they do appear you can delete the slow proxies from your list or you can increase again the Refresh Time until you have no more warnings.



Is it possible to refresh two web pages at the same time?


Not directly. However, there is a small trick: open multiple programs to refresh multiple web pages :)



How can I generate unique clicks (from unique IPs)?


We offer a special window where you can enter a list of proxies.

You can also offer a third party tool like Turtle or a third party proxy service provider like Private Proxy.









How it works?


This program lo the specified web page in a web browser. The web pages are loaded in a full blown Internet Explorer window. Therefore loading a web page in Web Page Refresh is 100% equivalent with a random user who is visiting that specific web page. All scripts are fully executed and the web server sees this page refresh as a totally legit web page/banner/ad hit.

If a proxy list is supplied, the every new web page that the program requests from the server, will have a different/unique IP, making the server to think that people from all over the world are reading the text in that page.



Can it refresh pages containing Google or other banners?

You are not allowed to refresh/click pages that contains banners that represents or advertisement boxes.










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