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Clipboard Helper
Your personal slave!


Work smart! Forget repetitive copy/paste tasks.

Short description
Clipboard Helper enhances the Windows clipboard. It will put together all text fragments that you have copied to clipboard and will save them in a single file. You will increase productivity with at least 400% because you do not have to switch all the time between two applications.


Long description
Clipboard Helper enhances the Windows clipboard, making it a true power tool. The cut/copy paste capability of Windows works well for transferring single items of data, but is not useful if you want to move a lot of data or keep data longer than until your next copy operation (at which time Windows overwrites the clipboard whether you were ready or not). It works alongside the regular Windows clipboard and remembers every piece of text that you cut or copy. The program is very small (under 1MB) and can work in the background without disturbing the clipboard or other programs that uses the clipboard.

Example of usage
With Clipboard Helper, you will save half of your time when you have a lot of copy/paste action to do. For example if you have 100 web pages opened and you have to copy text from every one of them, you must do a copy operation then a paste operation for each page. If you start Clipboard Helper, you do not have to do all that 100 paste operations.


How does it work?
Clipboard Helper integrates and monitors Windows clipboard. When a new text appears in the clipboard, it copies the text from the clipboard and keeps it for you. You can separate the text fragments inserting one or more empty lines between them.



clicpboard helper

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Similar tools:

All of these options make the clipboard monitor engine an excellent tool for bug reporting, problem tracking, etc., for businesses wanting to maximize their business time. For home users, the engine is great for capturing screenshots of web sites, images from other programs, emails, sharing screenshots with friends and family, etc.

All businesses (small, medium, and large) deal with and rely on many other computer programs in order to maximize their employees' time. They often utilize both, 3rd party software, and in-house software, developed specifically for their needs. Almost all businesses have had the experience of finding show-stopping bugs in various programs which prevent them from getting their job done. Often time, businesses have an entire department committed to helping the users either find work arounds for the software, ways to fix the software, or submit incident reports to the developers of the software. This is a very time consuming task, not only for the computer support department, but also the employees that use the software who must communicate the problems to the support department in a clear manner so that the real problem can be understood. This is where the ES Clipboard Monitor Engine can be of great aid and save businesses thousands, if not millions, of dollars a year.

A picture can speak a thousand words, and that is exactly what the clipboard monitor engine does. With the simple capture of any image, screenshot, etc., images are produced which can be instantly emailed to a support person, transfered to an FTP server, or simply saved to the local computer's storage with one simple click. All of this can happen in the background too, without requiring user interaction, thus saving MORE time for the employees, while maximizing the information for someone to help troubleshoot the problem.

Not only can the ES Clipboard Monitor Engine do what was mentioned above, it has been designed to easily develop and plug in other interfaces, so that businesses may tightly integrate with their own support systems, environment, etc. If a certain interface is important to your business, don't hesitate to ask about it, even if it is a completely custom interface. We are dedicated to helping our clients make their businesses more economical and to save them time. After all, time is money.

The following link contains example screenshots taken with the ES Clipboard Monitor Engine. It demonstrates how the sample screenshots were created for using the ES Image Printer Driver. Each image represents a capture using the 'Print Screen' button on Windows while doing a print from Microsoft Word. ES Clipboard Monitor Engine



Similar tools:

* Copy and save text and graphics from the Clipboard
* Scrolling through clipboard buffer using hot keys F7 and F8 or Ctrl-Alt Left Arrow and Ctrl-Alt Right Arrow. (By hitting F7 or F8 you will see a last things you copied/cut in a box at the top right of your screen. The option you scroll to is automatically copied into your clipboard. From there it can be pasted.)
* Run Applications, Send Strings of Text, and Send Key Strokes using Hot Keys.
* Holds the last 1000 Copies/Cuts of text or Graphics into the Clipboard. (Just click on the item you would like to retrieve from the list box and it is automatically copied into your clipboard.)
* Enables user to access the last 10 Copies/Cuts using Hot Keys of Ctrl 0 - 9. (Simply hit Ctrl - 3 and retrieve the third last item in Your Clipboard)
* Clipboard Genie has a Windows Clipboard Viewer that lets you see the last 1000 Cuts and Copies of Text or Graphics
* Auto Trim is an option that can be set to automatically trim space and font properties from clipboard text. Its great when do want to copy font size or extra data like in excel or web pages.
* Network Clipboard Copies clipboard data to another PC On the LAN running Network Clipboard Genie (Click on Network from the Menu. There you can turn on Network Functionality. Then you can copy data from a clipboard on another PC. The PC's must be connect on a LAN running TCP/IP for this feature to work properly.
* Twenty Four hot keys that can be used to print text to any windows application and send keystrokes or used to run another application

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